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We Specialise in Easy Kitchen Makeovers at Discount Prices.

Whether you're just replacing your Kitchen Doors or all your Kitchen Doors, Cabinets and Accessories, we can help you make those changes with Less Hassle, Less Time and More for your money.

Kitchen Doors

We specialise in Kitchen Doors. Whether you’re replacing your existing doors or creating a new look and feel Kitchen, we have 100s of style and colour combinations to choose from. Select your style, colour and sizes to create your order online and see your live price. Sample doors are available before you buy online. Ordering is as simple and straightforward as 1, 2, 3.

Kitchen Units

What we mean by ‘Kitchen Units’ is complete units with your door of choice included. These units come with all internals, feet, hinges and doors, included in the price. They can be delivered to you as flat pack units, or as pre assembled units, ready for installation. So if you’re looking for more than just doors, take a look at our complete units and Jigsaw Kitchen collections, available online.

Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for new cabinets only, we can help too. We offer a full range of Kitchen cabinets available to you online and ready to buy with live prices These units come with all internals and feet. They can be delivered to you as flat pack units or as pre assembled units ready for installation. So if you’re looking just cabinets, take a look at our QuickCab cabinets.

Kitchen Accessories

When replacing your doors or creating your new look kitchen, you might need more than just doors or units. We offer all the items you might need to complement your new look Kitchen, Plinths, Cornices, Pelmets, End Panels and every other accessory you might need to colour coordinate and complement your new look Kitchen. Match your accessories to you range and colour when you create your order.