Who we are

The Kitchen Door Site is an online kitchen supply company. We specialise in supplying replacement kitchen doors, all kitchens elements and accessories. We've got over 35 years experience in supplying, designing and fitting kitchens so we know what we’re talking about and we’re ready to help you with any advice you might need.

We supply brand name kitchens and components at prices that we believe can't be beaten. And we take a real pride in providing a first-class customer service with those products. We always have customer satisfaction utmost in mind.

We work with the UK's leading kitchen manufacturers to provide you with the latest Styles, Designs, Colours and Finishes. We work hard to bring you these superior products at discounted prices. 

What we do

Replacement kitchen doors

Most of our customers are people who want to modernise their kitchen without going to the cost and upheaval of a full kitchen refit.

Our expertise and knowledge combined with your desire to change what should be the most desirable room in your home makes for a great partnership. Your kitchen can be transformed simply by replacing your existing doors.


3 easy steps to creating your new kitchen


Measuring your doors is very simple. All we need is a few details and we'll do the rest. Use our easy measuring guide to make things easy. A few simple measurements is all you need to make sure you installation is trouble free. A simple list of sizes is all you need.

Print our easy order form to help you get the information right first time.


We have 100's of styles and colours to choose from. You probably already know what styles you likes and so the selection process is easy too.

Choose your style, choose your door, choose your colour and you'll be ready to input your sizes and specifications.


You should already know your sizes, hinge locations and positions from your order form. Once you've used our website to input all your details, you'll be shown your price on screen. There is no need to leave us any personal information to get your price.

What happens next?

When you’ve input your sizes and you have your price, If you’re happy that you’ve included everything and your order is ready to place, go ahead and place your order. We will check your order to see if there is anything that looks out of place or might be missing. We will contact you to confirm delivery details and to make sure your payment has processed. We’ll be on hand at each step of the way to make sure your new kitchen arrives on time and as expected.

Request a call back. If you're having any issues or would just like to ask a question, you can request a call back and we'll get back in touch at a time that suits you.
We're always available to help you with the process or to check you've got it right.