Sample Doors

Sample Doors

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Why buy a sample door?

When choosing your new kitchen door style and colour, we’d always advise by starting with a sample door. Although we try very hard to match our door colours on screen, every computer screen is different and there's no better way to ensure you get the colour and finish you want, than to buy a sample door (or two). There's no better way to see the colour and ‘true to life’ wood grain finishes, or to feel the quality of our kitchen doors.

Every kitchen door, colour and finish is available as a sample. If you’d like to see and feel the quality and colour of your chosen door, you can buy a very cost-effective door sample.

Your door sample cost and lead time.

Sample Doors can range from £15.00 to £25.00 depending on what door type you're buying. For example, if you choose a solid wood door, that's painted to order, your sample will cost more and take longer to be produced and delivered to you. However, if you want a door that is available in a stocked colour (off the shelf) then your door sample will be delivered quickly and cost less.

Door sample sizes

Almost all of our sample doors are supplied at a standard size of 570mm x 396mm.
That is with the exception of our Valore and Zurfiz. Ranges, which are supplied as a sample door at 280mm x 396mm.

We'll pay for your door sample.

We will initially charge for your door sample but If you go ahead and order your replacement doors from The Kitchen Door Site, we'll deduct the cost of your sample door from your order.

If you request more than one sample door, we will only deduct the cost of one door-style sample from your order - The style you go on to buy. Sample doors are non-returnable.

To order your sample door, select your chosen style or styles. Add to your basket and make your purchase. Depending on which door/s you have requested will determine the cost and lead-time of your delivery.

See lead times for door styles