Stylish Storage

Stylish Storage

By far and away the most popular addition to any kitchen space right now, is the Butlers Pantry. We get more requests about Butlers Pantries than any other single kitchen addition.

There's no better or more simple way, to add functionality, style, and storage to your existing kitchen space, than to add a Butlers Pantry or larder storage unit. There's no need to worry about measuring and fitting, as these are free standing units, designed to fit into any kitchen configuration. All you need is the wall space to accommodate this fantastically stylish new addition. Mix classic and contemporary, by adding a traditional free standing unit that can be used in a variety of ways. We have customers who've added gin bars, cocktail bars and study spaces to their kitchens. Utility storage and study corners all tucked away and easily accessed. Let your imagination run wild and add a talking point to your kitchen.

How would you use yours?

  • Cocktail Bar?
  • Jars, Tins and Spice?
  • Bottles, Boxes and Books?
  • PC, Printer and Study corner
  • Plants, herbs and spices?

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