Bella Helmsley

Bella Helmsley Kitchen Door


Technical Specification

Min drawer height with internal design is 160 mm
Min drawer width with internal design is 230 mm
Min door width with internal design is  230 mm

Doors with the above dimensions will be delivered plain.


  • Height 60 to 282 mm
  • Width 100 to 1200 mm

Standard doors

  • Height 283 to 1699 mm
  • Width 100 to 1200 mm

Tall doors

  • Height 1700 to 2540 mm,
  • Width 100 to 1200 mm
  • Tall door designs with two panels will be supplied with the mid rail at 655mm from the bottom edge to the centre of the mid rail as standard.


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For further details about  The Bella Kitchen Collection, including the full technical specification, please check out our guide:

Bella Kitchen Doors and Accessories Technical Guide


Bella Helmsley

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