Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors vs a Full Kitchen Refit

Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors vs a Full Kitchen Refit

The kitchen is the heart of our home.

According to a recent study by “The Sun”, the average adult in the UK spends an hour each day cooking, but the kitchen is so much more than a functional cooking space, it’s where we spend much of our time with family and friends, relaxing over a meal and maybe a glass or two of wine.

For many who are fed up looking at their tired, old kitchen, getting a new look kitchen is their home improvement dream. However, it remains a pipe-dream for a great many people who believe the cost to be beyond their budget.

Renovating a kitchen can require a big budget. estimates that in 2020 the average price of a new kitchen installation in the UK costs around £8000 and that doesn’t include appliances or the cost of ripping out and disposing of the old kitchen, plastering, tiling, painting etc.

So, what’s the alternative?

It is now possible to have your dream kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen refit... simply by replacing your old doors and drawer fronts. There is no point in throwing away perfectly good kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Where it makes sense, the visible frames and end panels are covered with matching materials to fit the theme of your new kitchen doors and drawers. A large range of matching kitchen accessories is also readily available including plinths, cornice, end panels and handles.

You can have your kitchen doors and drawer fronts made to measure. Doors can be pre-drilled for hinges should you wish. It’s never been simpler to create a stunning new kitchen at an affordable price!

The Jayline Kitchen from The Kitchen Door Site's Pronto Collection

 The Jayline Kitchen from The Kitchen Door Site's Pronto Collection

The Kitchen Door Site offers you a one-stop site to buy everything you require and enables you to enjoy your stylish, new look kitchen - without breaking the bank. You may be dreaming of enjoying life, cooking and socialising, in your newly designed kitchen; or thinking of adding value to your property, perhaps with a view to selling. You may be a property developer or rent out accommodation. Whatever your circumstance, new kitchen doors and drawers offers many advantages over replacing your entire kitchen:

  • Kitchen door replacement is a small fraction of the cost of a full kitchen refit.
  • Refitting the kitchen doors and drawers is clean, quick and simple. There is none of the mess and hassle associated with plumbing, electrics, plastering or tiling. Nor will you have to do without your kitchen for days on end.
  • Kitchen door and drawer replacement is simple. The Kitchen Door Site provides a drilling service so you don’t need to be a DIY expert. On pre-drilled doors, all you require is a Phillips screwdriver and a few spare hours. This will save you even more on labour costs.

There are many YouTube videos and articles that show you how to measure your existing doors and drawers and we recommend that you take your time – measure once, measure twice, then write down the dimensions. If it’s more convenient to you, a trusted local joiner or handy-person would happily provide you with a quote. If there is anything you are unsure about write to us at or call us on 0131 210 0231, we are here to help.

We at The Kitchen Door Site enable you to make your dream new kitchen become a reality!

We believe that we offer the best prices in the UK and encourage people to check our prices - like for like - with those of any of our competitors. We believe in honest pricing – no “from £2.99” gimmicks. Check our prices across the range of kitchen doors, drawers and accessories. Check the final basket price and see for yourself!

We offer a range of kitchen collections that provide you with a huge choice of stylish designs, with contemporary colours and finishes.

Perhaps a sleek, handleless door takes your fancy?

Or the classic Shaker style door?

Traditional or modern; matt or high gloss; even a stone finish or a metallic look, we have something for every taste.

As an example, our Zurfiz Kitchen Collection is an award winning, high quality door with a modern design complemented by an extensive range of colour matching accessories. Zurfiz kitchen doors are available in 29 colour options comprising an array of stunning finishes. It provides a choice of edge: matching; plywood; and an eye-catching glass-effect option for ultra-gloss doors. Zurfiz offers a minimalist design oozing sophistication.

Zurfiz Kitchen Collection - The Kitchen Door Site

The Zurfiz Kitchen Collection

We make the process as simple as possible, find your door, find your accessory, place your order on our website, and we will deliver to you within 10 working days. Explore our online kitchen studio to find the door to open the most important room in your home...